Age: 25
Location: Denver, CO
Favorite Drink: A glass of ice cold Prosecco…yum!

If you asked her 15 years ago where she saw herself at 25, Tara would never have told you “at a law firm, having just taken the bar, learning how to be a lawyer.” She would have told you that she saw herself polishing her Olympic gold medal (in gymnastics), working with athletes getting them healed and rehabilitated so they too could pursue their dreams.  Ten-year-old Tara would imagine her 25 year old self as a mom, married, and coaching youth gymnastics on the side. 

Yet, here she is – 25 years old, no Olympic medal, no hubby, no kids.  No coaching.  Is grown-up Tara disappointed? No ma’am.  Sure, Olympic gold would have been great, but Tara is happy with the direction her life has taken.  She is in a happy, committed relationship with her live-in-boyfriend, has three degrees (BSBA – International Business, IMBA with a focus on Ethics in International Business, and a J.D.), and is just embarking on her career.  She is excited to share her journey with us and to learn from and grow with Karmaphilia readers.

 Tara works closely with the Make-A-Wish foundation of Colorado, and loves reading so much that she insists if it weren’t for sports, she would not even need a TV in her home.  See, Tara is an AVID sports fan – she has commonly listed the Denver Nuggets/NBA as her religious beliefs, and lord help you if you try to say something negative about the Denver Broncos.  Or Alabama football.  Or Nick Sabin.  Really, if you want to talk sports with Tara, be prepared for a long one. 

A few fun facts about Tara:  She has one rambunctious but adorable puppy, can’t ride a bicycle, can cook exactly ONE dish, and if not at the gym, she wears nothing but heels.  Seriously.  She can probably run faster in her stilettos than you can in flats.  Particularly if there is a glass of champagne at the finish line.

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