Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why Aren't You In Paris?

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It's the best weather ever to be in Paris - crisp, cool, sunny...we had no winter.  Don't tell me global warming is a myth, weather patterns are messed up everywhere and here it manifests as exactly two days of snow for the entire winter and now it's already spring.  Silver lining is that it's currently the perfect time to be in Paris, not hot, not cold...people are already sitting outside at the brasseries to eat.  Best part of this awesome weather boon?  Hardly any tourists.  I've been in Paris for a while now and I can honestly say these past couple of weeks have been the BEST time to be here, so come join me in Paris already, I am *dying* to hang around with some awesome Americans.

Look, this was my walk today, I was blown away the entire time.  My umpteenth time on this walk and it still thrills me:

I ended up in the Madeleine church partly because I wanted to sit down for a bit and partly because I had never been inside...the organist was playing and it filled the huge, tomblike church with a solemnity that was hauntingly beautiful.  See how awesome going on random walks in this gorgeous city is, especially on such a clear, cool day? What are you waiting for?!

On another note, I went on an awesome first date last Friday night.  He is French but spent lots of time in the U.S. so his English is pretty good.  He is intelligent, good-looking, I like the way he dresses and his cologne was yummy.  It turns out that he is very, very funny which was a nice surprise and he took me to an amazing restaurant with a cool bar/dance area upstairs, ordered perfect wines for our dinner - AND he is sans girlfriend/wife, I explained to him my problem in Paris with attached men and he immediately went to great pains to prove that he was single...lovely guy!

He was the perfect gentleman and immediately made plans for another date.  But here is a sad face for now :-( because I don't think I'm going on another date with him.  I can't see myself with him for the long-term and so I have zero motivation to go out with him again.  Maybe it's because in my head I'm heading back to the U.S. soon, maybe it's because I'm convinced, after dating a few Parisians, that I want to be dating someone whose first language is English because 100% impeccable two-way communication is paramount - chemistry for me always starts in the head - or maybe it's because this time right now in Paris is really just for me without getting tied down to anyone in particular...I don't know exactly why, but there's not going to be a second date.  And for some reason that makes me a little sad.

And so this afternoon, I went on this long walk by myself, and I was so happy to just be me and be here in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  

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