Thursday, January 24, 2013

Elie Saab Spring Couture 2013 - "An Ode to Delicateness"

Do you remember when we were little girls, we dreamed about being princesses (for this generation it's primarily been Disney princesses) and dressed up like whatever the belle du jour was at that time?  I feel Elie Saab fulfills that princess-lust that remains in every woman but grown-upifies it...his confections are consistently dreamy and sparkly and feminine and beautiful. I read somewhere that it takes approximately 800 hours to make one couture gown; I'm sure Saab's take much more, check out the embroidery and literally thousands of Swarovski crystals that are sewn onto these dresses.

Not only that, Saab's designs flatter the female body.  There are no ridiculous geometric weirdnesses going on or unflattering doodads randomly stuck on body parts.  You know how when you see some collections and you think...okay, this designer hates women, he is clearly mocking them...there is never any of that with Saab, he loves the female body, his dresses follow the curve of the female body without being too overtly sexy.  Maybe it's because his origins were in designing for celebrities on the red carpet.  He gained a cult following then broke into high fashion.  Either way, his Spring Couture 2013 collection he presented in Paris yesterday remains true to his appeal to our inner princess, a sentiment echoed in his summation of his collection as an "Ode to Delicateness."  Classic silhouettes, modest/illusion necklines, pastels, shimmer, Swarovski crystals everywhere, lace, embroidery...I want to have a tea party wearing one! 

Some Elie Saab back-stage peeks:


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