Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chanel Spring 2013 Couture - Second Empire Redux

Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most prolific designers out there, he consistently churns out one large (more than 60 looks in just this show alone!) gorgeous collection after the other, month after month without flailing one bit, always breathtaking, creative, fresh, new, interesting...he's what my former bosses would have admirably described as "always executing."

Today he presented his Spring 2013 Couture collection for Chanel at the Grand Palais where he brought in a literal forest for the backdrop.  Tim Blanks describes it as a recreation of Weimar during the German Enlightenment (Goethe, Schiller) and quotes Lagerfeld as stating that the silhouettes, more specifically the shoulders and necklines, were meant to replicate the "cleavage thing from the Second Empire." Lagerfeld also said there is a sense of "meloncholia" to his looks...beauty can sometimes invoke nostalgia and sadness...

The collection is beautiful, every look is stunning.  Highlights for spring:
back to the basics colors for tweed suiting such as white, black, navy and dreamy pastels (YES!);
lace dresses; lace leggings; lace everything;
black leather accents.
Love, love, love.

The grand finale was also amazing:  he sent two brides at the same time down the walkway (instead of the customary one), an allusion to the gay marriage debate which is completely polemicizing France right now.

First, here are some exemplary dresses from the Second Empire so that we can see the reference to the shoulders and necklines in the collection:

Now, the show...

This look is definitely Miss Havisham gloomy...but I'm still in love

You're amazing, Karl!  

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