Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ringing in 2013 in Switzerland

We are finally in St. Moritz for New Year's and are staying at the lovely and very elegant Badrutt's Palace hotel...let me know if you are also here!

The Alps are one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring natural places that I have ever seen - if you are in Europe for the winter, you *must* take the train through Switzerland, Germany and Austria, you will never believe, again, that summer is better than winter (coming from a die-hard Californian and lover of all things beach-related).  And the Alps are not just for skiing (they don't even have rope-pulls here, it's too much of an insult to the mountains), but there are a plethora of winter walking trails and cross-country ski paths that are also just gorgeous...I felt like Anna Karenina...   
Also, I am working on my resolutions for 2013.  Resolutions get a bad rap but as someone who needs structure and accountability to achieve goals, they work for me.  I will share more about them in a later post - midnight steam pool party in the snow! - but I pulled up my resolutions for 2012 (made last year around this time in Cabo San Lucas with a wonderful person...awwww) and I was happy to see that most of the important ones were achieved.

Speaking of, do you make yours with a friend ("special" or not)? I did last year, and I am this year again and it really is interesting to share goals and be sounding boards for each other on how to break down each huge goal into digestible monthly chunks along with determining the pragmatic details of how to reach them.  It's a great bonding experience and it also enables you to get insight into your friend, what is important to them and their methodology into creating the best lives for themselves.

One of mine in terms of this blog is to become TRULY regular and to take and post lots of photos.  Yes, the photo above is a stock photo of Badrutt's that most closely resembles how it looks right now to me.  I am terrible with taking photos and I always have been - I forget to bring my camera or to use my iPhone and I usually rely on my friends to take all the pics and share (miss you M!).  But my friends are half a world away and Beautiful Boy holds his for ransom; for purposes of improving this blog, I'm determined to both learn how to take better photos and remember to actually take them on my walkabout.  So that is one of my goals and I have a specific plan to get there.

If you are making or thinking about yours, here is a helpful article from Psychology World about how to craft and implement goals for 2013.  More on this later!  After all this work, it's time for play...Schöne Wochenende!  

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