Monday, December 3, 2012

Necessities On My Journey

I'm slowly packing my bags for the rail trip and I put together the absolute's a squishy list but I miss my friends and family, I haven't seen them for almost 6 months!  When I came to France from San Diego, I packed up everything, my house, my clothes, my belongings, threw out or sold what I intend on replacing with better in the future and put the rest into storage...I had a feeling that I may not come back to San Diego (to live) and so, just in case, I took with me to Europe a few things that I was sentimental about.  And they are coming with me to Switzerland and wherever else we may end up this time...

In no particular order:

1.  A journal that my sweet, sweet friend C gave to me especially for my France walkabout, with a picture of us in the front cover along with a heartfelt message on the wonders of traveling while being at crossroads...the journal is almost full, C!

2.  A butterfly necklace from one of my bestest ever girlfriends...she is like a sister to me, a sister I never had in this life, in fact I call her my little sis and I adore her...miss you everyday, M!

3.  A Kindle that another darling friend gave to me after I smashed the one that I had (what? A Kindle won't survive a stepping on by my 4-inch stilettos??) - thank you so much K, I've used it almost everyday on my travels!

4.  A cosmetics case that a dear girlfriend gave me; her father passed away unexpectedly this year and she is always in my thoughts. We've sadly grown apart a little since she got married, which is to be expected as priorities change once married, but I still love her just as much as before.

5.  A necklace and ear-rings given to me by the two guys I have loved in my life...looking back, I've really been in love just twice in my life (love you M&C!), and while it turned out that they were not the One for me (yes, I believe in that!), they were a huge part of my life and I still have immense respect and love for them.

6.  Hands down *the best* love poems written for me by an awesome guy who traveled all the way from San Diego to Paris this past summer to hang out with me. of my friends and family (including my girlfriend D and her mini-D, her recently born baby girl, the first out of my group of close girlfriends to have a baby), and a petite, quickshoot camera and mini-iPod packed with the best fist-pumping music ever.

Looking over this inventory of goodies made me so grateful and happy to have so many people in my life who love me!!  Even half a world away, they are always present in my thoughts and heart and I know we have the strength of relationship where we can just pick up where we left off wherever and whenever.  I've realized as I've gotten older that after school and its cohesive structure is over, people's lives, as adults, take us everywhere and away from each other.  And that makes sense because we all have our own journeys in life.  But true friendship and love lasts a life-time, we should always be able to swim back to each other...

What have you packed for journeys on which you thought you might not come back?  So travels everyone!

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