Sunday, December 23, 2012

Improve Your Sexy...Brain - Awesome Deal on Rosetta Stone

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Want to know a proven method of increasing your gray matter, even as an adult (when technically, the only way to further develop our brain - or keep it from slowly dying - is by affirmatively stimulating it, as opposed to children or adolescents whose neurons are constantly multiplying and thriving on their own...*sigh* another pitfall of being old an adult)?  Learn a foreign language.

Numerous studies on adult neural connectivity in relation to aging mental problems such as dementia or Alzheimer's establish that when an adult learns a foreign language, it activates and strengthens parts of the brain that are usually pretty static in even highly intelligent adults (the hippocampus, for example, and areas of the cerebral cortex) and also causes other structural changes and growth in other parts of the brain.  See, for example, here (there are numerous studies detailing this phenomenon).  That's why we as adults have to daily force ourselves to engage in mental aerobics and make an effort to stimulate different parts of our brains. It is totally true that T.V. makes people stupid; it's literally a brain-dead activity, keeping our neurons flat and unused and eventually impaired/atrophied.  This article compares watching television as the neurological equivalent of staring at a blank wall for hours.   I hate it when my parents were right!  (We were that uber popular family in the neighborhood with NO television.)

I suppose the sad day will come when all of us start suffering from dotage, but I want to delay that day as much as possible! Plus, strengthening the part of the brain associated with language learning not only stimulates deep recesses of the brain, it just generally makes us overall smarter, not just linguistically.  If you want to succeed at work as a lawyer, an investment banker, a doctor, an athlete...whatever else, start learning a foreign language and studies show you will start engaging your brain differently at work, become more creative at problem-solving and adept at focused multi-tasking=WINNING!
So look what I found on Facebook:  Rosetta Stone passed out a stealth code giving you access to its on-line program (which is the same as its CD program but with additional perks) for 3 months for only $99!! For those who were previously turned off by Rosetta's ~$700 price tag (obnoxious) but had heard great reviews on the Rosetta program - lots of colleagues had noted that it was the only program that worked quickly for them - you can now try the program for 3 months for a only a hundred bucks, a cheap price to pay for opening up a whole new world.  Can you see yourself conversing or reading in:


To a geek like me, gaining access to other cultures and languages and people makes me giddy with happiness...imagine the gorgeous foreigners you can now connect with different cultural vistas that will open up to you!  I bought the French program and I will let you know how it is.
When I googled "Hot French Guy," it pulled up this photo of Camille Lacourt, a French swimmer.  Beautiful Boy was not impressed ("I am objectively better looking...why don't you put me on your blog") but Karmaphilia's management has a strict no pictures of boys in our lives policy...
 See ladies, now if you meet a fellow like this at a Parisian brasserie, you can bat your eyelashes and sweetly say, Bonjour bel homme, apportez une chaise ici et nous allons parler de tout...
Moment of truth, earlier in the summer I had enrolled in a French language program at the Sorbonne which I abandoned after a few weeks because it was awful.  It was a very unstructured and uneven curriculum and for some people that works, but I don't learn well that way, I need system and order.  Plus it was a huge time commitment of more than 5 hours a day, every day, which was majorly interfering with my exploring and croissant-eating schedule.

So I was extra happy to see this deal!  If venturing out to a new country is on your 2013 To-Do List - as it should!! make it a goal, write it down, see it happening in your mind and it will come true - get this deal now so you can more fully immerse yourself and enjoy being in a foreign country.  I'm going to commit 30 minutes a day to learning French.  Fingers crossed that Parisians start understanding my sad attempts to communicate in French rather than begging me to hush before busting out their English...anything to get me to stop...

Click on this link to widen your world.  Offer expires the 25th. But, if you miss it, you can purchase full access to Rosetta Stone for one year for only $239 (which is overall cheaper per month anyway).


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