Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Luckiest Girl = Me...But It Can Also Be You

My time in Paris is coming to an end...and I've been having mixed feelings.  I have a huge vision of what I see in my career, what that life looks like, but how to get from Point A to B.  Getting back down to logistics, I need to physically be in a place that is conducive to my plans and I need to also have a means of supporting myself that leaves enough time for me to work on other things. I know I don't want to go back to being a lawyer at a large law firm or being a full-time litigator at all - that precludes any possibility of a LIFE outside of that paradigm. Plus, that kind of job makes me chronically angry and stressed out...not a good version of me.

Enter the Universe.  A prior client of mine from my law firm days contacted me; the general counsel is a good friend of mine - he is genuinely an exceptional person, very stand-up, extremely smart and hard-working.  His company was looking for an attorney who could intermittently travel to their PARIS OFFICE and take care of issues there.  The gig basically lets me work on a part-time basis while making enough to support myself.  

HOW LUCKY AM I??!!  The job lets me be located pretty much anywhere I want, but it would be ideal if I were in a relatively close vicinity to France and so I will be moving to... least on a trial basis.  I am giving myself 6 months there.  That way, I have an emotional cushion in case I get terribly lonely for my friends and family...whom I miss incredibly even now (I love you M, K, C, N & D...and mom & dad!!).  I don't know hardly anyone there but I can't wait to get my network going.  I'm so excited I can barely sit to write this post.  I am beyond grateful to the Universe for taking care of me so well and also to my friend for keeping me in mind and giving me this opportunity.  

What I've learned?  Well, here's the thing.  I don't think my former client would have really thought about me if I hadn't listened to and followed my heart, bitten the bullet, quit my job and gone off to France for a while.  He knew I was smitten with Paris and that I didn't want to do the law firm thing any more.  When a position opened up, he thought of me.  If you want the Universe to help you, to push things in the right direction, you have to make yourself available first.  

Be true to you, set yourself free from limiting circumstances and from people and situations that hold you back from having the best life your heart, you know who these people are, and what the circumstances are...and just go for it. You are responsible for your own life and happiness, not anyone else.  Barring exceptional predicaments such as cancer or awful accidents, you are exactly where you are right now in life because of your own actions, not anyone else's.  That means you also have the ability to do what it takes to create the life YOU want.  Your future is in your hands, and your hands alone - isn't it exciting and empowering to know that?! Take those brave steps, do the right thing, honor yourself and others, hold yourself accountable for your own life, and you will be so amazed with what comes your way.  

I can't wait to share my new adventures in New York City! 


  1. You know me! I'm so happy you're coming to NYC! (Also, I am grievously sorry for not keeping up our correspondence vis-a-vis what we spoke about over private message. LIFE!

  2. Reena!!! I am SO happy that you are there, remember I promised to come visit you years ago when you ditched us in San Diego and here I go! The only question is when, I will know for sure in the next couple of weeks. And do not even think twice about the private message strand, LIFE tends to do that! Can't wait to see you again XO