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Paris Fashion Week So Far - Wear It Now to the Office

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It's Spring 2013 Ready to Wear fashion show time right now and the whole city is fashion show crazy.  Entire boulevards near all the main touristy areas are cordoned off...if you're not involved in the industry or interested in fashion, now is not the time to visit Paris.  But it's been so great for me to just chill at the local Starbucks and watch the lovely ladies & gentlemen bust out their sartorial chops with amazing street style.  Thankfully the men are retiring their fluoroescent sneakers for now...

So I know that fashion shows are an entire 2-3 seasons ahead of the now, but I just loved the following trends so far and I want to wear them NOW.  Freak it.  Not wearing white after Labor Day is so outdated anyways.

Here are some of the trends I loved that can be incorporated into our outfits today. As you can see, I'm not really a super-trendy person...I have not nor will I probably ever wear wedge sneakers (oh, I still love you Isabel Marant!) or harem pants, even though I think women look gorgeous in them...really! Trends like that hate *me* me.  I just look like a sad ethnic girl who should be rubbing a lamp in harem pants.  Traditional and more simple aesthetics are just more flattering on me, that's it.  So here are some highlights I loved which we can wear to the office or in our everyday lives today.

[Monochroming or Colorblocking in] Black & White 

Chloe, white monochrome, Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013 ready to wear
Chloe...**p.s., I haven't figured out how to add an accent mark to letters on blogspot yet so excuse my atrocious crime of not properly marking the e's on this post & if you know how to do it, let me know please!!**

Paris Fashion Week 2012, Spring 2013 Ready to Wear, Stella McCartney All White
Stella McCartney

Balenciaga Paris Fashion Week 2012, Spring 2013 Ready to Wear, black and white tweed skirt, white lace blouse

Paris Fashion Week 2012, Spring 2013 Ready to Wear White halter bouse, black leather pants, black sandals

Balmain Paris Fashion Week 2012, Spring 2013 Ready to Wear White leather cutout dress, black belt
Balmain...this look is to-die-for

Costume National Paris Fashion Week 2012, Spring 2013 Ready to Wear White geometric blouse, black pencil skirt, black sandals
Costume National

Lanvin - I am obsessed with this dress!!
Menswear-inspired silhouettes and fabrics, like pantsuits and pinstripes



Nina Ricci - not a huge fan of the shoulder pads but the rest of this pantsuit is unbelievable  
Roland Mouret

Vivienne Westwood

Haider Ackermann...there's just something about this outfit that draws my eye over and over again...

Ann Valerie Hash Paris Fashion Week 2012, Spring 2013 Ready to Wear, pastel light pink strapless jumpsuit pampsuit
Ann Valerie Hash - breathtaking

Pastels (thank heavens they're back...I was never a fan of last season's redux of 80s neon and hot pink, that elicits a sad face from me).  I think pastels are dreamy, beautiful, femininely gorgeous and a great accent for menswear-inspired silhouettes & fabrics. 



Vanessa Bruno

Christian Dior

Vivienne Westwood

Ann Valerie Hash - PERFECT date night dress!

Ann Valerie Hash

Scarf prints

Hermes Ann Valerie Hash Isabel Marant Paris Fashion Week 2012, Spring 2013 Ready to Wear, scarf prints


Isabel Marant - this look is so hot!

Isabel Marant

Ann Valerie Hash

Aren't these looks beautiful?  These trends are all so easy to find at Zara, Theory, J-Crew, Nordstrom/Bloomingdales not to mention just our own closets coming up on some of my favorite, fashion-conscious-yet-realistic finds on-line.

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