Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Contributor: Lily the Insanely Talented & Gorgeous Surgeon

I'd like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine who will be contributing posts regarding finding her way in life through an extremely competitive and stressful career...and the rest of stuff that comprises living, you know, friendships, passion and romance.  "Lily" (her pseudonym...but if you would like to get to know her better, she may be open to corresponding with you using her legally correct name...;)  just finished her residency as a surgeon at a top research medical school in California (where she also earned her medical degree...yeah...she's not smart).  In her last year, she was Chief Resident of the operating room and I was so proud of her.  For those of you who know anything about post-medical school residency programs, they are incredibly demanding - she was routinely in the surgery room for 20 hours only to go straight after to rounding or other doctor stuff with no sleep at all - beyond stressful (literally life and death) and cutthroat (too many talented med school grads, fractional number of residencies/fellowships).

On top of successfully flying to the top as first a medical student then a resident and now a fellow - and saving countless lives in between - Lily finds the time to further make this world a better place...she has repeatedly contributed her own scarce resources toward mission trips including one she did last year to India, where Lily and a team of surgeons performed free surgery on children in remote villages.  If I were a guy, I'd be in love.

But it's not just the secular world Lily has to deal with...just like any one of us, she also has to figure out finding her place in this world, what it means to be a woman in her late-20s...she goes through dating highs and lows (or complete lack thereof sometimes due to her schedule), finding her stance in a male-dominated industry, and getting to the core of her identity, something I feel women do better in their late 20s/early 30s once they strip themselves of conforming to what they believe others want them to be or what they believe they should be and what their lives should look like.  Let's face it, society still values and inculcates individuality in boys/men and conformance in girls/women.  It's a challenge to us all.

Lily just started a mind-blowing fellowship in in another state far from California, meaning she had to pick up her stuff and start all over again, leaving behind friendships, relationships, work environment, etc. that she had known for the past several years.  I'm thrilled that she has decided to share her journey into the next phase of her life with us.  Welcome, Lily...xo.

P.s., on top of all those brain cells and surgical talent, she is also gorgeous. Blonde, blue-eyed, perfect bone structure, tall...*sigh*.  It's a good thing I love you girl!

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