Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When You Take the First Step, the Universe Responds

Almost as soon as I arrived in Paris, I was invited by a dear friend to sail around the beautiful island of Ibiza on a Prix du Design-winning yacht with a full-service crew - it is the most beautiful yacht I have ever seen, every detail is superb. The owner of the yacht has been sailing on it with his fiance for the past year in Europe, and they were currently hanging out in Ibiza.  (I was able to get to know him a little on the 4 days I was on his beautiful and insuperably elegant yacht, and not only is he a thoughtful, genuinely kind and sweet-spirited person, he is a brilliant, brilliant businessman. *Swoon*)

My friend – who is a friend of the owner – happened to have a free spot.  He saw my post on walking away from my law firm job and taking the next step, told me he liked it and as I was in France, invited me to Ibiza staying aboard the yacht.  I immediately bought a ticket to Ibiza and joined the party.  The owner was super gracious and treated me like his own guest. I had the best time ever – the color of the water in Ibiza is unbelievable and the spirit of the people there is so happy and free.  We had an award-winning chef on board who cooked the most delicious, fresh & healthy meals ever and the crew took the visit over the top.  

Here we are docked in Ibiza.  

Morning Tea on the Deck

1st Level Inside
On the tender heading onshore to a beach club for lunch – isn’t the color of the water an unbelievable turquoise?  It is so clear, you can see right down to its depths and the schools of fish.  Paradise.
Of course, a trip to Ibiza is incomplete without sampling its electronic music clubs which it is famous for.  We had the pleasure to see Swedish House Mafia (wootwoot!!!) at the Ushuia hotel.  Swedish House Mafia is sadly disbanding this year (why do the best bands do that once they become famous??) but the concert was to-die-for and we all had an amazing time.

I never would have been invited to or been able to go on this trip if I had still been stuck at my old job.

The whole point of this post is…well, I feel that YOU must take the first step to claiming your destiny.  That dream job, the dream guy, the dream life, they’re not going to fall in your lap.  But once you make your mind up and take affirmative steps in believing in your own self, in creating your own dreams, the universe will respond! This is kind of sounding like “The Secret,” but nothing good will ever happen by being stagnant and just wishing.  Put yourself out there, be brave, and see what happens!

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