Thursday, August 16, 2012

Living in the Moment and Appreciating Where I Live

As I countdown to my walkabout in France (I leave on the 18th), I’ve noticed that as I get older, I’ve learned to appreciate where I live.  I grew up in San Diego and my parents forced me to also attend college here from home (fun times!).  When I left for the East Coast for law school, I couldn’t wait to leave San Diego and I felt liberated and, indeed, I loved exploring the very different and admittedly more sophisticated cities of Washington D.C. and Manhattan.

But San Diego has its own charms and while I was working my tail off as an associate here, I never really stopped to look around and savor its beauty, all I did was focus on how suburban it was and its drawbacks.  Doing this blog has made me more introspective and today, after dealing with some wonderful car insurance folks, I went for a quick drive through Coronado, a little island south of downtown San Diego, where I currently live.

This is the view on the drive:

Here is a view of downtown San Diego from the isle of Coronado:

Going on my journey has made me realize that I must be more present, not so obsessed with the future which is what being a lawyer made me do – I was always scurrying around trying to meet constant deadlines, praying for more time, and anxious about the next hearing, the next motion, etc.  But in Oprah’s recent interview with Deepak Chopra (yes, the old me would have scoffed at this information as she ate lunch at her desk while reading case law) he mentioned that:

“The way we are educated in the West, everybody’s looking toward the future, which means they’re never in the present.  So when they arrive at the future, it’s not there for them, because they’re not present for it.  And if you get the idea that this is the moment you have – the only moment you have – then you live in the present and you move with the flow because this is the point, right now.”

I loved this reminder. Part of living in the present for me, then, is to truly appreciate the beautiful city I live in, even if I may be leaving soon for what I believe may be a more exciting and different city and country. The young and impetuous me was so dissatisfied with San Diego and couldn’t wait to leave.  But living my day today, I was grateful to be in San Diego. I am sure there is something beautiful in the city where you currently are.

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